Shift4 Purchased Merchant Link

Most recently, Shift4 purchased Merchant Link.  Since the Merchant Link buyout, Shift4 has begun an aggressive campaign to convert current Merchant Link clients as they are migrated to a new EMV solution by simultaneously offering their own acquirer/processing services.

What you need to know:

  • Previously, Shift4 was only a Gateway solution that connected to multiple acquirers, however, new ownership has been focused on offering a full end-to-end solution (Gateway & Processing Services).
  • Merchants can change platforms without changing acquirers, however, Shift4’s aggressive marketing tactics and external communications have been causing confusion.
  • Shift4 has contacted merchants across various processors advising that the EMV conversion is necessary by December 31, 2019 as the non-EVM compliant platforms will be shut down.

Call Client Solutions Group (CSG)  at 716-785-6006 for solutions.  You do have options!