Company Mission

To be the leading provider of business solutions in the region.

Core Values

  • We regard customers and employees like family
  • We are passionate about customer service
  • We deliver secure, affordable, dependable products
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do

Who we are

There are a lot of firms out there that provide business services. It’s what we believe in that makes us different.

Client Solutions Group began over 15 years ago as a family owned and operated business. We’re still family owned and operated. We live and breathe family. It’s what we are. We know how hard it is for small companies to manage everything because that’s where we started. And every large company started out as a small one.  That’s why we can serve small and large companies, and everything in between.

You can rely on us to make sure your back-office functions are running smoothly, are secure and have a positive impact on your bottom line. We do what we do so you can make the most of your time doing what you do best – serving your customers. We think of you as part of the family which is why we deliver such great customer service.

Speaking of customer service, we are passionate about it. Obsessively passionate. Simply put, we don’t want to let you down. Our people know what they are doing. We actually give you what we say we’re going to give you. We’re happy when you are happy.

You can depend on us and our products…and we have some darn good products!  We search out the best solutions so you don’t have to worry about security breaches or if you are compliant with often confusing government regulations. Our clients say our offerings exceed others and we excel at service and care – all at a savings to them!  With how fast technology changes, we keep up with upgrades and new solutions.

That’s why our customers stay with us, year after year. We take care of them because after all, they’re family.