A lot of responsibility comes with owning a business, not the least of which is fulfilling you payroll tax obligations in a timely manner. The government requires you to maintain records that can presented upon demand and to file, as well as make, regular tax payments at the federal, state and even local level. Client Solutions Group assists businesses in keeping abreast of the ever-changing payroll, unemployment and workmen’s compensation tax rates and regulations. Additionally, by aiding a business in meeting the government’s stringent deadlines, costly fines and penalties are sidestepped.

Payroll Tax Service Advantages

Our seasoned professionals provide fast, precise solutions for all the headaches associated with payroll management. Thanks to our efficiency in managing our client’s payroll tax process we are able to reduce their expenses as well as save them time and human resources.

Payroll Tax Service Provides

  • Payroll calculations, including all federal, state and local taxes to be deducted
  • Filing and remittance of all returns, as well as reconciliation reports, in a timely manner that eliminates danger of late filing fines
  • Tax assistance, including the latest tax documentation required by law
  • Quick and efficient assistance with inquiries from tax authorities
  • Customized tax statements that detail every penny of where a client’s tax dollars were sent Wage Garnishment
  • Calculates wage garnishment in compliance with court order
  • Remits payments to appropriate recipient agencies
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