Payroll ServicesNo two businesses are alike; therefore, no two businesses will require the same payroll solutions. Businesses have the following choices: They can try to find the best payroll solution for their particular situation, or they can hire experts to do it for them.

Our aim is to make your payroll roll smoothly without any of the “bumps in the road” that create headaches for human resources and result in disgruntled employees. Those “bumps” are created by the use of out-of-date payroll software or a lack of understanding, with concern to changes in tax codes and regulations.

Why pay employees to try to keep up with changes to:

  • Federal, state or local tax laws
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Unemployment taxes
  • Health care
  • Accrued vacation time
  • 401K deductions
  • FICA deductions

Let Client Solutions Group deal with the complexities of your payroll, while you focus on building your business.