We Take the Mystery Out of Payroll Reports

Client Solutions Group never leaves you in the dark; CSG provides all the information you require. Payroll reporting has evolved into a complex series of calculations, regulations and reports all enforced by costly fines. We here at Client Solutions Group take care of all the details of handling the payroll while allowing you easy access to your payroll data. CSG realizes that no two businesses are alike. Each business has different preferences with respect to the reports you wish to receive.  Client Solutions Group offers hundreds of customized reports guaranteed to inform you about every aspect of your payroll. Regardless of whether you prefer your reports as hard copies in CSG’s Report Package or as computer files everything you want and need to know will be at your fingertips.

Automatically generated reports are available on a predetermined frequency. For instance, examples of possible report occurrence would be yearly, quarterly, monthly or for each pay period. Clients may choose from receiving all payroll reports as a package or only specific reports. Choice of reports includes:

  • The entire payroll package
  • Employee details
  • Job costing
  • Specific optional reports per date range
  • General Ledger importable to the accounting package of your choice
  • Templates created and saved by client
  • Timekeeping data
  • Labor Distribution data
  • Detailed time off reports
  • Reports of Changes/Auditing Reports
  • EEOC

Client Solutions Group provides customized reports for any of the above, as well as all Federal Certified Payroll Reports exportable in a variety of formats. You decide what works best for you and we make it happen.